Physical Therapy

One-on-one comprehensive approach to pain relief, rehabilitation, and full recovery.

Kelli Turke


Shoulder Pain

Does your shoulder hurt when you reach overhead? Does it feel weak or unstable in a certain range of motion? Do you have pain in your shoulder at night? At The Forge Fitness and Physical therapy, I incorporate bullet-proofing interventions including manual therapy, shoulder stabilization, and corrective treatment for joint dysfunction is the first and most effective long term solution. 


Back Pain

Do you have chronic or new low back pain? Are you avoiding certain activities for fear of injuring your back? Back pain can severely impact your ability to enjoy life. It is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. Often the pain is related to movement or joint dysfunction within and beyond your back, that can be corrected with exercise and manual therapy. At The Forge, it is paramount to discover the root of your pain and find a solution to restore you to a more active lifestyle.

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Do you experience stress urinary incontinence? Do you modify your fluid intake, wear a pad, or avoid certain exercises due to stress urinary incontinence? You are not alone! 50% of women with urinary incontinence report their symptoms negatively affect their exercise participation. There is hope with pelvic floor muscle training. At The Forge, I incorporate and teach you motor control interventions to help coordinate your pelvic, back and hip muscles effectively to reduce or eliminate stress urinary incontinence. 

Hip, Knee, and Ankle Pain

Do you have pain or instability in your hip, knee or ankle? At The Forge, our curated approach to exercise will help you restore your strength and balance and decrease pain with movement or sitting. You will be guided through exercise with attention to correct movement deficits and muscle weakness, and manual therapy interventions to alleviate pain will be applied to open up your ability to safely move through a greater range of motion pain-free.

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